Visit to Lincoln Library

Recently I visited the Lincoln Public Library, I had never been there before even though it is not that far away from where I live. First, I noticed that the library is located adjacent to the local high school, which made me excited for the possibilities of the library’s YA collection. When first walking into the building patrons are greeted with a number of community flyers and upcoming events at the library. I was happy to see that a number of the upcoming programs are for teens. They have craft days after school once a month, drop in coloring, and even a stop-motion animation workshop. One of the most interesting things they were advertising was a Book Buddies program, where teen/preteen readers are partnered with younger readers (ages 3-8). I think this is a great program for all members in the community and I would really be interested in seeing this being incorporated at my own library.

After going through the welcoming area patrons walk into the circulation department. I noticed that this library is much smaller than my own library in Pawtucket, but they make great use of the space without it becoming cluttered and overwhelming. To the right of the building in the children’s department, the middle of the building contains the adult collection, and the left side of the building is where the teen department is located. The staff was very friendly, welcoming me as I walked through each department.

I made my way towards the young adult collection and noticed that they follow a similar layout to my own library. There were several shelves of graphic novels, followed by a number of manga series. The library has a fairly significant fiction collection and I was surprised to see a number of magazines available to peruse. One of my favorite things about their collection is the vast number of YA audiobooks they have acquired. I spent some time in this section because I was curious if the collection had newer materials as well, and I’m happy to report that they did! I honestly have never seen a YA audiobook collection of that size before, I do wonder if they have a large population of patrons with visual impairments or if there is just a high request rate for audiobooks.

The library also has several table setup and computers available for patron use in the teen department. I always appreciate this because it allows teens to have their own area away from the adults and children. While I did really enjoy my visit and am definitely planning on going back again to further investigate their YA collection, I do have a couple of recommendations. First, their shelves are filled to the max, and I think some of this stems from the fact that space is so limited. But it does make it a bit difficult and overwhelming to actually look through the collection to find something to read. At times I was having some difficulties putting materials back on the shelves because they were so tight. I also noticed that while there are computers in the teen area, they are available for all ages to use. I think it might be smart to make it so that only those patrons with a young adult record can use the computers in that area. This way teens really do have their own section and it allows them easier access to the computers over adults or children who might make their way to the area.


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